About Us

Learn how Rocket can benefit you, making your world so much easier when it comes to getting paid or paying people. You can also learn about the amazing team that keeps the Rocket flying.

Compliance is Key

Compliance is key. That is why we have partnered up with several official FCSA Approved business partners to ensure all our systems and documentation is fully compliant. We comply with all HMRC guidelines, tax legislation and the Home Office to ensure our clients are taken care of and feel secure when using Rocket.

Variety of Pay Models

We have a variety of pay models at your disposal, to truly find the best way to pay your workers and make sure they are maximising take home pay, in a legitimate manner each week. This benefits your workers and ensures no one is paid through the wrong model just because it suits us in the long run.

We Value our Clients

We value our clients and do not believe you should be passed around the houses or stuck in a long queue on hold. That is why we have dedicated account managers that look after you and your consultants, on a direct dial for instant access to information.

Right to Work Checks

Right to work checks are imperative for allowing your workers onto site and for getting them paid on time every week. Due to our in house compliance team, Rocket conduct RTW checks on every worker we pay and can advise on the legality of each worker.

Faster Payments Service

We make all payments using the Faster Payments Service, ensuring that all funds are released immediately and arrive in your workers accounts on time, each Friday.

Flexible Fee Service

We do not believe in charging every worker a set fee, with no flexibility or movement. That’s why we have a flexible fee structure, that can differ for all agencies and include sliding scales where necessary, creating fairness for your workers.

Meet the Team

Alex Hough

Managing Director
With extensive experience in the payroll industry, Alex found that payroll companies were either all the same or lacking in many areas. This is why Rocket Paye was born. A market leading, contractor focused, all around transparent payroll specialist, that is going above and beyond to be different.

Ellissa Williams

Payroll Manager
Vastly experienced in payroll at both Bureau and Umbrella levels, Ellissa prepares, manages, updates and processes our client’s payroll, ensuring your contractors are paid on time each Friday. Did you know, Ellissa has just passed her CIPP payroll course and got 99% in her final mark!

Marta Stupnitska

Senior Account Manager
Making sure the business ticks over day to day, Marta ensures your workers are set up on time, as well as reassuring contractors, helping solve their issues and working closely with our clients to provide updates on workers payments.

Julia Kazakova

Junior Account Manager
A top class account manager that has come from a different industry, but has taken to payroll and servicing our clients like a duck to water. Thorough, diligent and multi-lingual, a real pleasure to have at Rocket Paye.

Rorie Meadows

Junior Account Manager
New to the industry, Rorie has embarked on a fast learning curve to come up to speed with the whirlwind that is payroll. However, his professionalism and striving for perfection is what will provide our clients and workers with comfort.

Igors Loginovs

Business Support Administrator
Igors is currently studying and entering his second year in college for a business diploma. During his summer recess, he has taken it upon himself to want to gain experience in a working environment, a new industry and build up his confidence for the future. Initially starting on a 2 day contract, Igors has already asked for more days. Rocket must be a great place to be!

Tierney Creasey

Junior Account Manager
5 star customer service, personable and efficient. Tierney will set up your new starts in super quick fashion, provide updates and look after your workers, right up to pay day. We would like to congratulate Tierney as she enters Maternity leave and can't wait to welcome her back.

Eric and Nala

Office Hype Squad
Their sole job is to entertain, keep morale high and look cute all day every day. They definitely earn their puppy pennies! You may on the odd occasion hear a bark if you call the office, that will be Eric trying to help you out.